What is C.S.A.?

The Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.) model allows people to partner with a local farmer by pre-ordering a basket of vegetables to be delivered weekly through the harvest season.  Baskets are generally delivered to a pre-determined drop-off location in the city.  Members buy their shares at the beginning of the season, thus allowing farmers to cover their pre-season cost, and receive weekly baskets of diverse, fresh and local veggies.  The veggies in the basket reflect the season's harvest and vary from week to week. 


Why Buy Veggies This Way?

There are lots of advantages to this way of buying your food.  As a consumer, you build a relationship with the people who grow your food: your family farmers.  You know you will be getting fresh, local produce that is in season.  You often get to try new varieties and cultivars.  C.S.A. farmers often provide a newsletter to keep you up to date with the farm happenings, as well as sharing recipes to use with the week's harvest.  Occasionally there are farm visits planned.  C.S.A. farmers build community.

For the more visual type (thanks to apt613 and Dawghaus Studios for putting this together)